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Language Neutral .Net Framework 2.0 Hotfix Request


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Ok moved the new one`s over, thanx.


911205 replaces 909766 but not 904705 because it contains Mscorlib.ldo and the other 2 do not.





KB Article Number(s): 885520, 904705, 907262, 908127, 911205

Language: All (Global)

Platform: i386





If you request hotfix 904705 you see in Package that these kb-articles 885520, 904705, 907262, 908127, 911205 contain the same files.


If you look in the File information of KB904705 you see that Mscorlib.ldo file is not Not Applicable for any OS and has no version-number.

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They don`t all contain the same files and as far as i know MS don`t list obsolete file`s there.. they`ve just copy pasted too much.



Not Applicable for Version Number means just that.. the file has no version number. The file is still relevant otherwise it wouldn`t be in there. Take the .man file`s in an ASMS folder update, they have no version number either but their still needed.


Not Applicable for any OS means just that.. it`s not specificly meant for a particular OS. It`s OS global.

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