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Language Neutral .Net Framework 2.0 Hotfix Request


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This is a list of Language Neutral .Net Framework 2.0 Hotfix`s that need requesting. If you need a hotfix that`s not already in the download centre reply to this thread with the KB number and architecture type.


= Need`s Requesting

= On Request

= Requested

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extracting them with 7-zip. 921217 contains builds 2.0.50727.166 of the following libraries:






and the updated versions of files:







913384 updated the first 4 DLLs to 2.0.50727.63

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Hehe no problem, i`ve been thinking of ways to make that more common knowledge..


you`ve really got me intrigued now though, only way i know to find out what files are in a .msp is to capture the changes when applying the update to an administrative installation point, 7-Zip has never been able to extract .msp`s for me.


Am i missing a trick here :unsure:

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