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English Windows 2000 Hotfix Request


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I'm looking for this one please :




Can somebody please help me ?


Thanks in advance.


I thought KB820227 is for Win2000 SP3 and that the fix is already included in Win2000 SP4. I'll try to get this one if SP4 does not include the fix. I'll upload it tomorrow morning as soon as I receive it.

It looks like KB933360 for Win2000 does not exist. AND KB931836 for Win2000 is no longer available from MS as I made attempts to get that one several weeks ago.

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Hi erp,


Thanks a lot.

I need for a computer installed with Windows 2000 SP4 and fully patched and the file version is older than the one mentionned on this hotfix (I don't have the computer at hand right now so I can't give the exact file version, but I know for sure it was below the one of this hotfix).


Thanks again.

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having w2k professional sp4 english

looking for KB823084

or files

Date Time Version Size File name


14-Apr-2003 20:53 5.0.2195.6736 35,856 Classpnp.sys

19-Jun-2003 22:17 5.0.2195.6759 30,800 Disk.sys

from this hotfix


you don't really need this, samapil. I'll consider getting KB836760 which replace KB823084. Or you can get KB324446 (from this site) which I think has the latest classpnp.sys and disk.sys files.

I may also try to get KB832004 timedate.cpl hotfix later this week.

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