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The Hotfix Share

Hotfix Share Rules and Guidelines


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A few guidelines to help you get the most out of the hotfix share.


Hotfix Request Guidelines

  1. You can use these tips to try and request your hotfix from microsoft
  2. Or post a request topic in the Hotfix Requests forum

Upload Guidelines

  1. Registered members can submit files to the archive by clicking the Add File button in the download manager. Submitted files go into a mod queue and are checked before being approved and made publicly available for download
  2. The hotfix share only hosts hotfix`s which aren`t publicly available from the microsoft download centre
  3. When submitting a file the filename should be used for the title and bellow is a template to be used for file submissions, relpace with the appropriate info. Feel free to add any extra relevant info.

    [url="http://support.microsoft.com/kb/<Article number>"]KB<Article number>[/url] - <Description from KB article>

Download Guidelines

  1. Despite there being over 13GB`s (and growing) of hotfix`s available here, downloads are free and you can download as much as you like. So long as your not having a detrimental effect on the servers performance
  2. Download managers and so called download accelerators are not supported and you are likely to have difficulty downloading if they are used. It`s best to download normally through your browser.

Forum Guidelines

  1. This is an english speaking forum and so for you to get the most help it`s recomended that you post in english whenever possible
  2. Post in the appropriate forum and stay on topic
  3. Please do not link directly to the hotfix`s from other websites, links may become dead or out dated so it`s best to link to the homepage: http://thehotfixshare.net/
  4. Spam will not be tollerated and will be deleted
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