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Full Version: Unnessary Drive Access Delay in explorer...
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I have been using Windows from Windows ver 3 and upto Windows XP-SP2.

In all the Windows i have been seeing the same problem.That is suppose you place a bad CDROM in to the CDROM Drive and immediately try to open/explore "My Computer" then the explorer waits for the CDROM to become available which takes too much time may be even in minutes.My Question is why should the explorer wait for the CDROM to become ready when i want to explore "My computer" or any other drive other than CDROM Drive.Instead it should simply make CDROM drive inaccessible / grayed for the duration of waiting/recovering and allow all other drives accessible immediately.

Is there a fix for this problem....?

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Don`t know if there`s a "fix" for that but I just disable the built in burning feature and use third paty burning software. Which is much better.
That's because the CD/DVD drive is like a computer on it's own. If there is a bad media inside or the drive itself is bad, it's taking its time trying to read it. Until it responds, your computer can't do much about it. I agree that some effort should be made to make that thread asynchronous, but that's the way it is (for now).


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