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Full Version: Submission format
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Recently I submitted two German hotfixes, using the "addfile" function for the first time. Until then I always used the "Upload" function.

Maybe I just didn't search enough, but I didn't find any instructions about the submission format. Is there a detailed explanation or a example-screen how to do it? I'd like to do everything correctly next time.

Kind regards,

Here I ask you stay with the same submission format as other downloads, so just look at other downloads.
Sorry, but this did not answer my question. It's for example unclear to me how to place the link to the MSKB, so that if one clicks the KB-Number, it will open the respective website in the MSKB. I did several mistakes in my first submissions and it seems I cannot change them anymore.

It's unclear to me when using "Insert: Topic/Post Link" what to put in "Enter topic/post ID" and "Enter the title for this link". Could you give me a sample posting please (in form of plain text) that I can use as a template?
You didn`t ask how to use the forum, you asked how to format submissions. For forum usage help click the "BB Code Help link" on the post screen. If your still stuck there`s a Help link at the top of the board.

I already fixed your mistakes before approving your submissions, but you should still be able to edit them using the Edit this file link while veiwing a download. They will go back into the unapproved que however.

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