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Full Version: German Windows XP Service Pack 3 RC2 v3311
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File Name: German Windows XP Service Pack 3 RC2 v3311
File Submitter: Xable
File Submitted: 15 Oct 2007
File Updated: 22 Feb 2008
File Category: Beta Service Pack Downloads

FILE: windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-deu.exe
BUILD: 2600.xpsp.080212-0005 : Service Pack 3, v.3311
MD5: E8D6D28195E3BD8772E7EA9684D138D5

You can discuss this download at the support link below.

Click here to download this file
Wow, thx for the german SP3 smile.gif
Your welcome, and added MD5.

I am new to the site, wanted to say thanks for the SP3 DEU and keep the good work up!

Well for those who are using German (works for all of course (English, German(Dutch), Japan(or whatever it calls smile.gif)) windows i think it should help:

Make a .cmd file with these lines
@echo off

reg delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\XPSP3 /f 2> NUL

reg add HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\XPSP3 /v RCPreview /t REG_SZ /d 1c667073-b87f-4f52-a479-98c85711d869 /f

now run the file and go to the Microsoft Update when it finishes loading it should show WindowsXP SP3 RC1 Service Pack to download. I show that the size is 70mb but real size is more then 600mb so when you download copy it to safe place biggrin.gif. The bad thing is that its not an self extracting installer so you must run the Update.exe program. When downloaded from MU it automaticaly installs it so if you dont want it to be installed i suggest you to run it in VMWare and when finished downloading copy files to your PC. Worked for me and many people i told... ENJOY.

After these the MU changed (i think (I visited MU a long time ago)).
To Undo changes use the first line to add changes use the second line.
Updated to RC1.. see top post. Thanks to nliter for pointing out a download location.
thanks. usefull site i have seen
Hands up who wants a DL directly from WU.. windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-deu_fefe967b9aa2822d6ec79bc0160b8991d61aa5a7.exe

I had to use a download manager but it does download and is the same file we already have here. smile.gif
kann mir vllt auch jemand erklären wie man das benutzt kenn mich nit aus wenn ich es starten möchte komtm es ist kein orignaler kernel was nun
@groudon141, Please read the rules, all posts are to be made in english.
There is a new version online Windows XP SP3 RC 1 Build 3264 ~337MB
Direct download:
Thanks wessi file and top post updated.
Updated to v3282 thanks to nliter.
thanks to me , too nliter aka Marcin got it from me wink.gif
He failed to mention that. rolleyes.gif

Thanks to you m4rkuz.
m4rkuz didn't wanted to share build 3282, because he is a Eselpoppender-Kackfresser wink.gif
But I wanted that everyone can download this Service pack, so thx to me.
Nope, to me xD Its from me smile.gif And I will never give u any build anymore!
OK enough fighting.
can anyone upload the german version of build 3300 ?

thx for help
Markus says he`ll send it to me in a few days.
Updated to v3300. Thanks to swissboy.
well done -
Thank you for v.3300 biggrin.gif
yeah Thx for the latest german SP3 :-)
works very good on my PC :-) only the problem with the DCOM... but this one is still there since the the first RC SP3 here..
Since going back to an earlier system restore point and then installing build 3282 (and now 3300 over that one) I have no DCOM issues anymore.

Just for anyone wondering what to edit in the uxtheme.dll to make custom themes working look at
The hex address is not correct of course but if you search for the hex string 81 EC 88 00 00 00 A1 18 and you replace that with 33 F6 8B C6 C9 C2 08 00 themes are working again...
Sorry if that is out of line in this thread.
Hey I do have two questions

1. there seems to be another version out there (at least in english) 3311 -anyone knows about this?
2. Can I install rc's on top of one another?

Great to see all the feedback here guys.

tosbsas, Hi..

1. yes
2. No you have to uninstall previous builds
thanks xable

Thats what I knew, I meant maybe someone might have a complete version not the internet update.

So MS is taking more people as genuie pigs -interesting

If you people insist on asking for new builds despite being asked not to I`m going to stop offering the german version here. It`s up to you.
uffa sorry,didn't actually doing that -will not happen again (:-((

Updated to build v3311 with the direct link to MS. Thanks to Helmi for sending the link.
Anytime, mate, anytime =)
great -thanks a lot !
Windows XP Service Pack 3 RC2 Refresh Build 5508 German (313MB):

MD5: 0CEB9DB5E1E7FEECAF736724196C4C80
many thx for the download link :-)
The last build looks like more problems than the build before....
Windows XP Service Pack 3 is now available from the microsoft download centre in all languages.

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