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Full Version: English Windows XP Service Pack 3 Final? v5512
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File Name: English Windows XP Service Pack 3 Final? v5512
File Submitter: Xable
File Submitted: 8 Aug 2007
File Updated: 25 Apr 2008
File Category: Beta Service Pack Downloads

FILE: WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe
BUILD: 2600.xpsp.080413-2111 : Service Pack 3, v.5512
MD5: BB25707C919DD835A9D9706B5725AF58

You can discuss this download at the support link below.
Updated to latest build, took some screenshots of the full build number and added more info.

First improvement I`ve noticed so far is browsing of folders with hundreds/thousands of files in them.. much faster now. I can`t wait for this to go final.
Thank you for the submission Xable, I tried downloading via torrent buy that totally sucked.
what's the md5 of the latest build? is it: c8c24ec004332198c47b9ac2b3d400f7
wheres the download link at I don't see it?
Link is in the top post

SP3 RC1 is on connect

windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe 336.07 MB
WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-JPN.exe 367.68 MB
WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-DEU.exe 336.65 MB

EDIT: detonator2400 where the heck did you get that info?
Sounds crazy to me
I`ve removed detonator2400`s post, it`s not the first time he/she has posted complete rubish but it is the last time he/she will be warned.


Yep, rc1 is on connect:

Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 1
Release Date - 11/15/2007
Version - 3244

I`ve yet to find a download..
Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate 1
Release Date - 11/15/2007
Version - 3244

Thanks for good news! I'm eager for link to DL!
I took that screenshot after installing build 3244 from windows update.. details on how can be found at fifi`s blog.
Yeah, I've got it through win update too wink.gif Works well so far.
I need SP3 RC Installer in german, hope someone can give me a download link.
thanks Xable...
Updated to RC1.. see top post. Thanks to rc3ros for pointing out a download location.
Just a reminder this is not a request thread for downloads. It is to discuss the file it`s related to. Any requests and offtopic posts will be moved or removed.
I slipstreamed v.3244 over a SP2 disk, and it seems stable except one or two things.

setuperr.log indicates tscupgrd.exe is not properly signed and the service pack build for the file is still 2180 instead of 3244. Is this so for anyone else?

IE crashes in urlmon.dll while loading the default home page and somehow by means of changing the default home page, it goes away, even when visiting that default home page in which it crashed.

I don't have a gold disk so I have to use one with a service pack on it.
I slipstreamed sp3 into an xpsp2 source too but didn`t experience either of those things. Maybe it was a one off, your source is corrupt or just differant from mine.. not all xp sources are the same there are minor differences wink.gif
The file is valid for is version 5.1.2600.0, which is from SP0 gold. The source I used was XP SP2 that came from was a CD with SP2 integrated by MS.

They had too updated this file to 5.1.2600.1106 in SP1 and there is a 5.1.2600.2180 in SP2 not only on a CD from MS but also in the network install of SP2, but in this SP3 they just left it out, so from the SP2 source it remained 5.1.2600.2180 even though 5.1.2600.0 is what it was looking for. I didn't get the error when slipstreaming SP3 into a gold disk.

What version is your tscupgrd.exe with SP3 slipstreamed? The service pack file isn't corrupt.

UNIX diff file of MD5 comparison of each i386 directory:
< 8b14674e76e3e4294a84b3dee43a3572 DRIVER.CAB
> 2d832e343da62fada7bc04c9565903d0 DRIVER.CAB
< 36716cfe138fb09e0ad03ff3b9387589 EULA.TXT
> 32908d1c1a9d47cc239233508db58912 EULA.TXT
< 37ae0fd24bb1d4e01f8799405f16fc67 GUITRN_A.DL_
> ec7020c81ccd411016a9e24db7bbdf81 GUITRN_A.DL_
< 2c2c3442458b60a76ad51e2130784ed5 MIGISM_A.DL_
> 8b7defa32c568312a41ca080c94c8549 MIGISM_A.DL_
< afc228fe905b34ec3d803aadf106a19a MIGWIZ_A.EX_
> 4839574b0be44129d52e5fb34e3c9a31 MIGWIZ_A.EX_
< c0b654811adc9526cc3a48b6829efc59 MMC.CH_
> 696274d8847b91a70de30e6136156bc0 MMC.CH_
< 4189177baaf19c713dde36bab12670c5 MSRDP.CA_
> 9993d8a4d723a29c6aca11fa37c953e8 MSRDP.CA_
< 4d79090711840d93107b2c450e04614d MSTSC.CH_
< 190b8d7eb78290a6951f898189f6bb43 MSTSC.EX_
< 961170fb30f31c799adc82180ba76e7e MSTSCAX.DL_
> 346d52bfc6be94ab1e164d751f39d273 MSTSC.CH_
> 3d88382f6a7e01e221c4837351c5687a MSTSC.EX_
> 57a6e5ae29ebd763a33b0ebc6498fa1e MSTSCAX.DL_
< cc667ed6324ad54395f89ba42ab4c89a RDSKTPW.CH_
> d9ab03599d290c5b4cb1987db3fcaebf RDSKTPW.CH_
< 96c02727c05f7f92e532e2e5ef579642 SCRIPT_A.DL_
> 3fce94428d966e1bcda7f08c3f94f5ee SCRIPT_A.DL_
< e57e3eae9c091f150d5c0190ec56e494 SETUPP.INI
> c86f42ad67f2374add55a2cb8c3c11cd SETUPP.INI
< 483736112c512bf88ca4071acb28e13a SUPP_ED.CH_
> b70dfbc99c612867174316743bf351b0 SUPP_ED.CH_
< 589279c0328d4a7257f16538490109f7 SYSMOD_A.DL_
> 4556c0b453ef90a52162599d1e921f61 SYSMOD_A.DL_

Left arrow is SP0/RTM with SP3 slipstreamed and pointing to the right is SP2 CD with SP3 slipstreamed.
Yeah I can confirm the tscupgrd.exe error in setuperr.log.. I thought I had SFC enabled before which it wasn`t lol

tscupgrd.exe has been left out of SP3 causing whichever version that is in your origional source to be installed.
I have the IE crash for urlmon.dll too after integrating SP3 and installing SP3. I Don't want to install IE7.
Yeah I`ve never got that.
QUOTE (rc3ros @ Nov 28 2007, 07:34 PM) *
I have the IE crash for urlmon.dll too after integrating SP3 and installing SP3. I Don't want to install IE7.

Integrated SP3 and after that integrate IE7 & WMP 11, both are working fine. cool.gif
I assumed IE7 and WMP 11 wouldn't install so I didn't bother, but I actually tried it and it didn't prevent me from installing and there doesn't seem to be any stability problems.

The setups are limited to SP9 for WMP 11 and SP20 for IE7, not that that XP is going beyond SP3.
Can i use download manager to download files from hotfix share?
like getright.. to download sp3.
Due to measures implemented to protect the server, download managers are not supported. This means the server stays online and healthy but starves legitemate users the luxury of resuming. Because of this, I`m prepared to give out an alternate temporary link for the occasional user which supports resuming. Send me a PM if you really need resuming support.
Hands up who wants a DL directly from WU.. windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu_a2ca583dedcd86837796111a632efa29a23f4cc0.exe

I had to use a download manager but it does download and is the same file we already have here. smile.gif
Thanks for the link.
My pleasure.
Insttalled sp3. no problem so far with WMP 10 & IE 7 & also no difference.
The only difference i see is Mycomputer properties shows "service pack 3, v3244"
No performance improvement.
Using a PC most of the day on most days, I did notice an improvement. It wasn`t massively obvious.. like blow your socks of shit this is fast.. but then it`s not going to be because it wasn`t slow to start with.

Browsing folders whith thousands of files in (like the local backup of the share) is the most noticeable area of improvement for me, overall though the system feels more snapyer and no doubt the stability, compatibility and underlying code has been considerably improved.

All in all this isn`t a bells and whistles service pack stuffed full of new features, for that fact I am glad and can`t wait for the final release so I can run it on my production machine.
There's a new build available here:;DisplayLang=en

They also have a forum:
Thanks redxii, file and screenshots updated.
As I understand it, SP3 contains all hotfixes up to September. However, this new public RC sets the build numbers on all files to 3264, higher than the files in any hotfix to date (even ones released a few days ago): (this one has a build number of 3260)

Is it the case that new hotfixes like the one above coming out now are all from SP3 and these apparently new issues are already fixed in it? If not, how do you install a recent hotfix over your SP3 install?
Does someone know if MS already has released a comprehensive list of updates included in Windows XP SP3? They released one for Vista SP1 lately....
Palindromedary, New hotfix`s coming out now are for SP2, if they don`t fix the issue in SP3 then I image a new fix for the issue will be made that is for SP3.

Twisted, As it`s gone vista sp1 has evolved and xp sp2 evolution has followed close behind. So it`s a safe bet that an xp list will be available shortly.
Updated to v3282 thanks to m4rkuz.
Any changelog to the newest build 3282?
The IE crash is fixed, for one.
Can anyone tell me if this bug was fixed in SP3 (KB912650)?

Tooltips for some taskbar icons are hidden behind the taskbar on a Windows XP-based computer

Fix Windows Tooltips Showing Behind Taskbar

Tool Tip Manager prevents tool tips from being obscured!

There isn't Windows XP SP3 in my language, so I can't install it and tested myself.
Thanks in advanced.
I tried replicating the tooltip bug in a virtual machine. I couldn't and then tried my laptop, and still couldn't. Usually just right-clicking in the start menu messes it up. I won't discount it as fixed yet, it is likely they still don't give a hoot and want to you spend money on an upgrade to Vista which seems to have it fixed, or deal with it.
Hi redxii,

Thank you very much for your answer.
I really hate this bug. I hope the fix remain in the final build. wink.gif
I'm waiting for the Portuguese Brazilian version.
Thanks again.

Kind regards,
Yes, thats one phacking annoying bug that made me go Vista, lol
Markus sent me build 3300 yesterday, I`ll upload it later on.
Is there any chance to get Japanese version of build 3300?
Updated to v3300 thanks to Markus.
Wow thanks Markus / Xable. I've been using 3264 RC1 for a bit, and 3244 before that tongue.gif, Just heard that RC2 was out.
Thank you guys for your great work!

They've released a Windows Update enabler for RC2, if anyone is interested in trying it that way:;DisplayLang=en
Build 3311 is available from Windows Update using that link. I'd prefer a standalone installer though for slipstreaming.

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