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Full Version: Buggy hotfixes testing area for those who dare?
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I was thinking about this recently, it would be a thread to gather all the buggy hotfixes list that caused some trouble - pretested on more than one config of course. wink.gif

Like those two buggy hotfixes that are found already: Windows6.0-KB946927-x64.msu and Windows6.0-KB947148-v2-x64.msu

I'd be glad to participate in such a "project", what you guys think?
Xable? wink.gif
All hotfix`s are potentially buggy, because (as stated in the download disclaimer which is actually a quote of microsofts download disclaimer) they don`t get "full Microsoft regression testing" they only get "targeted testing which does not include testing in combination with other Hotfixes"

Basicly it means hotfix`s are more likely to have bugs than updates which are publicly released, and while one hotfix may be buggy for one person it may work perfectly for another.. because everyone`s system is different.

and of course this is why "You are encouraged to only install the specific Hotfixes needed to address the problem you have"

A list of hotfix`s one person happens to have problems with wouldn`t acheive anything, reporting issues you experiance to microsoft so they can resolve them would.

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