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HowTo identify Vista hotfix's post SP1 ?

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Thank you with you two for the answer (answer which I had intellectually anticipated).

But that implies at least two things:

1) Obligation systematically to launch the installation of an unspecified hotfix to know if VISTA decided to apply it :huh:

2) In corollary, in other words, it is necessary to make an absolute confidence with VISTA <_<


However, the recent experiments showed me that VISTA could fail in the detection of opportunity of applying or not a corrective measure.

For example:

- You launch a hotfix already installed; VISTA will answer “this update doesn't apply to your system, but something along those lines”. -- OK;

- You uninstall this famous hotfix;

- You reboot the machine so that the system cleans the residues;

- Then you start again the installation; (sometimes) VISTA will answer again “this update doesn't apply to your system, but something along those lines”. Why ???


Like a prick with sharp, I have investiguated to try to understand; in particular if another hotfix had superseded this one or another thing of the same kind. I did not find anything. Therefore, I still did not understand : Why ??? :o


Greetings and Happy New Year,


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I think if SP1 is released, we know what its KB No. is [...]
But we *do know* it's number already, since a early SP1 pre pre pre beta version!

It's 936330.

... and, since SP1 Refresh 2 = RTM ... ... ... ;)

[...] every KB number higher then that is post SP1 (+- some updates which were released in the time after development of SP1 and release date)
I've got a feeling it doesn't work that way. I've got about 200 "newer" files already, from 936344 to 947382.

It's number doesn't correspond to the date nor turn of it's release, it's when they've found the bug or started working on it, prolly.


Anyways, who cares? If you're unable to install the update, you'll not do it anyways, when Vista says it doesn't need it... ;)

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I'm using this method (not perfect !) :


1/ Install a clean vista without SP1 (or a futur Vista SP1 integrated)

2/ Install only the SP1

3/ Copy all the MSU file into a folder

4/ Execute the Auto-It source code below

5/ All MSU whose working with SP1 are move to the "OK" subdirectorie


#include <GUIConstants.au3>

$search = FileFindFirstFile("Windows6.0*.msu")  

If $search = -1 Then

$count = 0
While 1
$file = FileFindNextFile($search) 
If @error Then ExitLoop
$count = $count + 1

$search = FileFindFirstFile("Windows6.0*.msu")  

GUICreate("Windows Vista MSU Auto-Installer", 300, 50, $DS_SETFOREGROUND) 
$ID = GUICtrlCreateLabel("", 20, 10, 260, 30, $SS_CENTER )

$progress = 0

While 1
$file = FileFindNextFile($search) 
If @error Then ExitLoop

$progress = $progress + 1

GUICtrlSetData($ID, $progress & "/" & $count & " -- " & $file )

if runWait(@SystemDir & "\wusa.exe"& " " & @ScriptDir & "\" & $file & " /quiet /norestart", @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE) <> 1 Then
	FileMove(@ScriptDir & "\" & $file, @ScriptDir & "\" & "Ok\" & $file, 9)


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I am a little confused with Vista. <_<


I recently installed an update on Vista with just SP1 and received strange results.


For example, here is one file that was in the update.


6001 = SP1

6000 = RTM


usb8023.sys 6.0.6001.18000 1/19/2008

usb8023.sys 6.0.6000.20545 2/26/2007


Why would the update install if all the files are older?

Shouldn't the top one be more up to date? :huh:

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