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New Vista Reliability & Stability Update Coming

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German site winfuture.de reports that new updates are available on Microsoft's Connect website that are similar to the previous performance and reliability updates published earlier.


Winfuture article translated by Google


The first and most interesting is KB941649: It is a Vista reliability update and is said to improve: battery runtime on mobile devices, reaction time at and after boot, 3rd party anti-virus compatibility improvements, Internet Explorer stability, and stability of WLAN connections(!) and other things.


The second is for Windows Media Player: KB941651


The third for Media Center: KB941229


If we could get these that would be very cool. No knowledge base articles are available at the moment. :ph34r:

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Vista Reliability Pack (KB 941649)

· Improves battery life for some mobile devices running Vista

· Improves stability for laptops or desktops using UPS (uninterruptable power supply) batteries.

· Improves Vista reliability while opening menus for some startup applications.

· Resolves a Vista compatibility issue affecting some third party anti-virus software applications.

· Improves stability for Internet Explorer on Vista while viewing web pages.

· Improves stability for wireless network services on Vista.

· Resolves a Vista reliability issue for systems using certain network driver configurations.

· Improves Vista startup response with improved resource timing.

· Improves Vista system recovery time after system inactivity.

· Improves Vista recovery time for photo-viewing screensaver scenarios.

· Improves Vista stability for PowerShell users.


Windows Media Player Roll-up (KB 941651)

· Eliminates corruption of media player database in certain scenarios.

· Eliminates corruption of media stream in certain scenarios.


Cumulative Update for Media Center for Windows (KB941229)

· Addresses issues in the Media Center Extensibility Platform used by extensibility applications such as Online Media applications

· Addresses an issue with Digital Cable Card components when using certain cable cards

· Improves interaction between Media Center PC and Xbox 360 when used as a Media Center Extender

· Improves auto-launch experience with VCD content

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