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Windows 10 users may be waiting a while yet before seeing hotfixes. Microsoft seems hell-bent on releasing cumulative updates and major upgrades instead.


Unfortunately, this strategy will result in users having to contend with new bugs every few weeks/months. Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10525 (an upcoming major upgrade) is neither stable nor reliable and introduces bugs not seen in build 10240 (the release version).


This strategy also means that, should Microsoft decide to release hotfixes, users will have to determine whether they apply to their build of Windows 10.


Bottom line, Microsoft expects Windows 10 users to accept an OS that remains in a constant state of flux. And they're going to want to start charging a monthly fee for it (aka Windows 10 as a service)! I would love to know who dreamed up this servicing model...

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cgthamm, doesn't sound good. Maybe I should remove the category :lol:


I'll probably stick with W7 untill support ends. Explorer was such a step back in that from XP usability and productivity wise I'm using a third party app to add back functionality. I dred to think what they have done with W8/10. Can't be bothered upgrading anymore, they seem to have lost the plot.


parkd1, no no, Office 2016 will have to be pushed back to 2018 :P:lol:

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