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Hi. How to upload?

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Hi everybody.


I did registered here for the reason of sharing afew hotfixes in CSY (Czech) language.


But can not start a new topic in the section:

The Hotfix Share > Microsoft Operating System Discussion and Support > Windows XP > XP Hotfix Support Topics


When I try, I get this error:

Sorry, you do not have permission to start a topic in this forum


Nor I see the button "Add file" in my "Download manager".


I have cookies enabled and can log-in and read the forums flawlessly.


How do I enable the "Add file" button ?


Thx for reply.


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What about hotfixes for Windows Media Player and for Internet Explorer ?


I got WindowsMedia11-KB974905-x86-INTL.exe on request from m$ (by email) and would like to share it, but I cannot find an appropriate subcategory in the "Select a Category" drop down list, at the first step of adding the file process.


It is a language neutral hotfix.


The same it is with IE8-WindowsXP-KB976662-x86-???.exe - there is no subcategory for IE updates in the drop down list at the first step of adding the file process.

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