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Windows 7 SP1 Beta x86 7601.16537

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File Name: Windows 7 SP1 Beta x86 7601.16537

File Submitter: xable

File Submitted: 12 Apr 2010

File Category: Beta Service Pack Downloads


The first leaked beta build of W7 SP1 32-bit, download the documentation for the details and discuss your experience and thoughts.


This is a beta product and there are no guarantees the final release will support upgrading from beta builds. I strongly recommend you install on a test setup and not on your production system.


Build: 7601.16537


Click here to download this file

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Anyone tried this yet?


I remember the first Vista beta SP we hosted, the server almost melted :lol: No such danger this time around though, due to MS getting their act together with W7.


Thought I'd try my luck installing on a pre release build of W7..






This is as far as I got, not supprisingly a final version of W7 is required to install the service pack. Guess I'll have to get my hands on a copy before I can have a play.



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Finaly got hold of an RTM copy, SP1 install took about 20mins in a VM, with one reboot and 760MB added to my install..


















I plan to install W7 and the beta SP on my SSD in a few days to test properly.

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