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Not sure why you need a hotfix for bluetooth. If Dell isn't providing a driver and MS doesn't recognize the driver, you should just go directly to the source of the Bluetooth Stack. Toshiba makes most of Dell's Bluetooth (and most of the world), WIDCOMM makes Asus', etc. Just figure out who makes the actual chip and Stack and go to that company's site for the latest drivers. I had a problem with my Asus Bluetooth, and their drivers locked up my computer while MS didn't have a driver. I went to WIDCOMM's site and downloaded the latest and everything works great now. Same rule goes for video cards, network cards, etc. They won't be supported by Dell, but chances are, Dell isn't going to support you anyway. If you're upgrading the OS yourself, you're out of your support agreement. You'll usually get newer drivers directly from the manufacturer of the part, and that'll be helpful when you're on a new OS with lots of bug fixes going on everywhere.

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