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Who`s using windows 7?


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I voted no.


For the reasons:


1. I value my time far too much to be unpaid guinea pig playing around with a timebomb.


2. I'm still disgusted with Vista and I can't imagine any possible way 7 won't be at least 7% as awful, which would be my criteria to even think about it. Note: not 7% less, but 7% of. B)




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pweh, feared I was talking to myself thanks GL.. thought I might have to shut this place down or something.


I agree vista was/is awfull. I was also supprised with 7 though, it`s a lot better imo. I`ll not be switching to it yet though, xp is good enough for me atm, maybe if I ever have an ssd that takes advantage of trim then I`ll have an excuse to upgrade and continue to be a guinea pig, just with a shiny new peice of software. ;)

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All my machines are running it now except for the linux machines and the mac. I like it for the most part but the introduction of homegroups has really thrown a monkey wrench into networking for those of us who can't use it. Permissions have become really stupid because of it. One of my machines has found a bunch of regressions in the RTM from the RC. Sleep is another thing. Half the time it won't auto sleep if you've left a window open and a lot of machines won't wake up when they do go to sleep. They rushed it as usual and SP1 will be a huge relief for many.

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You know what. To use ssd Windows 2000 is the best OS for it. You can read it anywhere you want.

I use Windows 7 in a virtual environment to test some stuff to see what happens. But I cannot get accustomed to this os. Almost the same as Vista.

To me me Windows 2000 and Windows XP are the os's to work with.

But the future for Microsoft os won't look better...

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