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Who's tried Windows 7?

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Vista didn`t impress me for many reasons, so I`m still on XP which isn`t a bad thing, XP is great.


Windows 7 maybe capable of persuading me to leave XP behind though. In the short time I`ve been playing with it it`s done nothing but impress me, and the more I use it the more I like it.


It seems microsoft are getting it right this time, windows 7 makes vista look like it`s early beta, which in a way I suppose it is.


So fellow hotfixers have you tried windows 7 yet and what do you think about it?

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same reasons for me, too.


I tested 7 for a short time because work goes ahead, but what I´ve seen was really good.


I installed it on an older machine, something like AMD Athlon 2400+ (1,8); 2G DDR; 80G IDE, and it runs much better than supposed!


A few bluescreens until correct drivers werde found and after that was done it runs and runs...


I think it´s time for a change (after sp1 ;) )

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Depends what your definition of "special" is. With vista they just needed to get it made and out the door as a result there were many problems and it`s already coming up for it`s second SP, with windows 7 they just need to improve it and they have the time to make sure it`s done right. I doubt we`ll need to wait for even a first sp this time around ;)


But anyway, this isn`t a vista vs windows 7 discussion.


So back to 7, it`s supposed to have optimizations for SSD`s, but I noticed after installing it on mine that it hadn`t disabled the defragmenter, perhaps beause this functionality hasn`t been included or enabled yet. This in thing I`ve found out of place so far.


My rig isn`t much faster than that one Robert, Athlon XP 2800. Runs fine but the fluffy aero stuff isn`t available because of my lack of graphics card.

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I wouldn`t say that you are a fool :)


Yeah the intels are overly expensive, other quality drives like the mtrons are more affordable in the lower capacity range, though still not quite at the same price per gig as mechanical disks.


I sold all the spare pc parts I had accumulated over the years to afford mine, it`s a joy to use as an OS drive.


To get back on topic I just found an old faulty GF card, think it`s a Radeon 9800, it displays some colours a purple.. that`ll teach me to buy cheap second hand of ebay. Might give it a go with 7 later and try to get aero working.

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