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anyone have vista sp2 beta?

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was your system at sp1 plus all updates then you edited reg, went to windows update, installed 955430, rebooted, went to windows update and sp2 is there?


It is exactly my situation.



On the other hand I copy-stuck the script given on one page in the program: Invite of order (.cmd programer)


After Windows Update Program found 955430 Update and reboot of my Computer and Launch Windows Update again and SP2 Pre-Beta Update Installation is visible.


Installed in my real Machine, not Virtual.


And for me installed in French auto (my language) ^^

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Just wondering if anyone knows what hotfixes SP2 has tucked inside that are not readily available from M$oft?

I have not seen a lot of interest in the SP2 Beta release compared to when SP1 was released as a Beta.


EDIT: No need to reply I answered the question for myself. I downloaded SP2 and unpacked it. Here is a screenshot of the unpacked SP2 exe:


here is part of the read me:


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