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How to request hotfixes from microsoft

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Method 1

This is an online form which instantly sends you the hotfix, trouble is it`s not always available or doesn`t always list all possible hotfixes.

  • Put the hotfix number on the end of this url and complete the details. If the hotfix isn`t listed try the other methods below.


Method 2

  • Go to this page, fill in the KB number, product version and other details.


Method 3 - Requires a legit retail product key!

  • Go here, select your product and follow the options.
  • Get your PID from display properties (WinKey+Pause) and paste it into the form.
  • Enter your request along with the OS version, your name and email address. Click submit and your done.
  • You should then be sent the hotfix
Again, this method Requires a legit retail product key, if you don`t have one it will ask you for payment.



Method 4

Failing all of the above you could try phoning microsoft or post a request here in the request forum and hopefully someone will be able to get the hotfix for you.



Don`t forget to come back here and upload it for everyone to share :)

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