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  1. Hi Xable, Many thanks for dropping in & clarifying some items that I have been a little Sketchy on & your overall tone of encouragement! I must confess I have always liked XP as an OS & I have never really got on with the others that have superseded XP. I have wanted to ditch Windows altogether and try Linux but the lack of support in the realm of drivers is off-putting & the PC I am using is a little dated shall we say. In respect of windows 7 & 8.0 8.1 etc I believe Microsoft are going to gradually over right all the files of the respective OS's back to XP or vista
  2. Hi cgthamm , Sorry for not getting back to you sooner but I have been away for a week on a short vacation. My next comments may appear patronising or condescending but they are not intended in that way but I value your comments, observations and input into my intended objectives and to a large degree you are right but call me stubborn, I want to try out this theory I have and try it out for just the sake of it and also too see if a lot of the bloat of service pack 3 can be reduced. Judging by what you are saying SP3 has superseded the previous service packs SP2 Sp1 or 1a so all I need
  3. Hi cgthamm , You are correct SP3 cannot be installed onto SP1/1a however this is what I am trying to avoid - the installation of any SP's. whatsoever. What I hope to do, (as per my first post) is not install any service packs but install only critical hot-fixes from SP0 or gold/Vanilla to the last hot-fix that M$ have issued. This will avoid all of the service packs and only install critical patches so in fact SP's are not really relevant except for reference to a group of hot-fixes really that is what I am trying to say. Now if the critical hot-fixes within the SP3 grouping (that i
  4. Hi cgthamm, Many thanks for your replies and considerations, just to address your replies in order below: 1) "First, XP RTM (Release To Manufacturing -- no service packs) has no firewall. Windows Firewall was only added in one of the Service Packs. Having no firewall virtually guarantees you'll have problems" Yes but I intend to use a 3rd party firewall instead the version that comes with XP is not very secure and cannot be relied upon anyway even if I was to retain it. 2) "Second, XP RTM is insecure simply because many security updates require SP2 or higher." I would apply the
  5. Greetings! This is going to be my first post & I am not sure if I am in the right forum for my questions but if it is not can some kind individual relocate if I am in the wrong area please & give advice if that's okay? I have managed to get hold of a copy of XP-Home which has no Hot-fixes added, I think they call it a "Gold" or "Vanilla" version, it does not have a product key so I will be using my own "Home version Cd key" to validate it. I have always dreamed of having a copy of XP-home that has NO service packs but has all the needed critical security hot-fixes added only no
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