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  1. FIXED IT! No suggestion anywhere helped me. Instead I can tell you that I have fixed one of my errors myself, by manually replacing the MSI files from the Windows 8.1 Pro ESD USB stick. That was unnecessarily complex, but it now means that my Windows Installer starts! I have tested to install some small programs and installing those Windows Updates that have refused to install for months. Both worked. I'm soon going to reboot the system for the first time since the fix and will comment about future issues in this thread.
  2. 3000850 comes back with the error 80073712, which suggests I run DISM. :-)
  3. Sadly, this is still an issue. Turns out I already had the KB2969339 update installed, but not the KB2966870 one. Installed it, but it didn't help me either. I've included lots of dism logs over here. My major grief right now is that I can't seem to do the Repair Install either. :-( The setup only runs for a few seconds "Preparing xx%", up to 100%, then it dies, without error messages. My Windows Installer has been broken forever, it seems, and there are a couple of MS Office updates that refuse to install. (Error code 800070641.) And, of course the superlarge 3000850, which is sup
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