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  1. realtek sounds familiar but that is for the sound card i belive, my network name is nvidia networking. and for xable, i dont remember if i had this problem before or after i reinstalled vista, but i think it was an win upt. that made my network go insane and there was a fix a few weeks after, dont know why its isnt working now
  2. that is not possible when i dont have a connection, because when i dont have it, i cant se the connection, its not showing at all, its like i have disconected the network card from my motherboard. i can not do any settings on it or anything, except when it works, if i try repair windows just tell me to reinstall the drivers for it and when i try that the installation program cant find the card... im sorry for a really bad explination, not from england, hard to explain on a different language
  3. Onboard network= its on my motherboard, not a single network card
  4. If i restart, and just start, my computer and hes back in deskop view, almost everytime my onboard network cant start, cant do any settings on it while its gone because its just isnt there for a reason, can only get it back by doing a systemrestoration to the last on i can do, can do win upates and things like that and next time my computer starts my network doesnt start again so i have to do a systemrestoration again, btw as i can se theres no programs that disapers when i do it...
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