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  1. No, I don't have an external reader, it's built in. I have a laptop. But I'm thinking about buying one. The one from my laptop is Ricoh.. I also noticed another problem. When connecting the camera (I use the 4 GBs for my Digital Camera), I notice I can't copy files (movies) more than 1,5 GB... so, it's not only the card reader. It may be from Vista also.. The card is Kingston, I don't think it has a problem..
  2. still doesn't work... On the "Drive" field, "GɎ" appears and in a lower box "This drive is not supported". I'll see what I can do. Thanks alot guys! Now I gotta go drink sum with the boss Team building
  3. I shutdown my computer, went to have lunch, and when I turned it on it was back to normal again, all settigns!! hurray! will try the panasonic formatter now thx.. but first, system restore point ON! ) I'll let you know on my progress. Another question: Does one of you have an SDHC card working on Vista?
  4. thanks for your help.. I updated, restarted, and when windows started... it was like I just installed it. all settings gone, welcome center started... and I have "restore point" off, to free space )) OMG! But it's a progress.. Now windoze sees the SD, but it asks to format it. I choose "format", but it can't.. (Capacity: unknown capacity).. Any idea what next?
  5. hmm.. seems like I have KB936825 installed.. I think I'm gonna go with XP SP3.... Vista can wait another year.. )
  6. Hello guys! Congrats on this wonderfull site. Helped me out alot. Any idea when or if this hotfix appears/ed? It's getting pretty annoying. I have an Acer Aspire 5520G running Vista Ultimate (updated to SP1). And my 4GB SDHC Kingston card is not recognized . I searched the forum, but I found only the update codes (KBxxxxx), no description. Oh, I found something ("Windows6.0-KB936825-x86"), but when I try to update, it says "The update does not apply to our system"... Can someone HELP, pls? Thx in advance! All the best!
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