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  1. BTW: What about Windows 7 (which has also a built-in .net v3.5.1) ? It seems not to be affected by this issue / or is not hotfixed yet...
  2. Jump over to DELL Support - its both DELL-Products, so they will help you...
  3. It seems that it is for vista and server 2008 (not R2) only... What about .net 3.5 installed on Windows XP ? I think that the 2.0sp2 patch does the same job aswell (compared the updated files in the KB-Article).
  4. ... and since that day it´s been a very very lot of Hotfixes. I think so much haven´t been in any Windows(NT)-ServicePack before! It seems that Windows7 soon will get final state (with sp1)
  5. 952595 isn´t found here and unfortunately none of the three are available in german.
  6. If your Laptop is a few years old it might not support such cards with its built in card-reader. Try an external USB Card Reader which is SDHC capable an it should work...
  7. Robert

    Download speeds

    Downloaded office_kb970944_fullfile_x86_glb.exe right now @ 432 KB/s from Germany...
  8. thanks and good luck searching the card...
  9. I´m a fool -> I knew what a Solid State Disk is but didn´t imagine the abbreviation Cool thing these SSD´s - but for now yet too expensive.
  10. well Aero works for me cause of my GeForce FX 5200 128M Card, but not too smooth - if you know what I mean So what do you mean with SSD´s ? And what has it to do with defragmenter ?
  11. Hi, same reasons for me, too. I tested 7 for a short time because work goes ahead, but what I´ve seen was really good. I installed it on an older machine, something like AMD Athlon 2400+ (1,8); 2G DDR; 80G IDE, and it runs much better than supposed! A few bluescreens until correct drivers werde found and after that was done it runs and runs... I think it´s time for a change (after sp1 )
  12. Just rename and delete "_c81472f7eeea2eca421e116cd4c03e2300ebfde4" from yours... Greets
  13. Thanks man, keep the good work up! Best wishes for 2008...
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