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  1. Seems so helpful, interesting way at microsoft.
  2. Happy holidays to all, and thanks for this community again.
  3. Mod please delete this post if its not suitable; SP2 32bit can be downloaded from links posted here: http://keznews.com/5002_Windows_Vista_SP2_...s_FREE_download!
  4. CeSSaS with your help, i ifind lots of new unofficial hotfixes easily. You save my time and my efforts with this. Thank you very much. I wish you continue putting fixes here, and i also would like to know how you get them. I cant reach them with microsoft hotfix web support. Regards. In Turkish:CeSSaS sayende güncelleme paketime eklemek için onlarca günclelemeye kolayca ulaşabiliyorum. Vakitten ve emekten kurtarıyosun beni. Ellerine emeklerine sağlık. Devamını merakla bekliyorum, ayrıca nasıl edindiğini belirtebilirsen bende denemek isterim. Bugüne kadarki denemelerim başarısız olmuştur.
  5. Requesting hotfix KB922120-v6. I cant make requests online anymore Thanks
  6. Awwww, sorry for the name conflict. I cant find the edit button :S Anyway, thanks Lance
  7. Weird but i got that file error too. By the way i downloaded the fix from link you've provided xable. Thanks
  8. me also havent got a corrupt file error with fixes i've downloaded from this site. Being a member is required in most (nearly all) forums on net, and its not a hard job to do. Just spend your 2 mins, and you're in. Keep Up the Good Work, Xable
  9. MS reports that there is no fix available for that kb yet Only 3 workarounds. Sorry for late reply.
  10. KB944524 - The daylight saving time period ends early after applying a Windows cumulative time zone update requested
  11. I've uploaded KB920295 and KB947279 in upload section.
  12. After installing the sp1 update, i only see KB943597 - Update for Outlook Junk Email Filter 2007 on Office Update.
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