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  1. Thank you very much for providing such a useful service and best wishes to you for the New Year!
  2. We had the remnants of a tropical storm come by us yesterday. Just a lot of rain by the time it got to PA, but still
  3. RyanVM

    Official Hotfixes

    I personally find some of the official hotfix threads to be useful (like the WMP ones), but I don't feel strongly enough about them to care one way or another if they stay or go.
  4. shaz, I noticed that KB934428 was recently uploaded. I also noticed that the file versions within don't match what the KB article lists. I'm just curious, was the version in the upload directory from your request or from someone else?
  5. Hmm, interesting. Whether it's an SP or a rollup, though, I still think it's a beta .
  6. Looks to me like we've got our first beta of .NET 2.0 SP1
  7. You read my mind. I'm holding out for SP1 and for when I have hardware which actually requires Vista (aka, a DX10 video card). So, shall we take bets on what comes out first, XP SP3 or Vista SP1?
  8. Geez, look at all the files getting hotfixed already. Yeah, Vista was ready to ship
  9. shaz, the_guy, and Petr, you three rock!
  10. This isn't all of them, but here's a list to get you started anyway: <snip by xable>Added to top post.</snip>NOTE: A few of these may not appear to be publicly available in their KB article, but they are in the MS Download Center if you check.
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