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  1. So you would like a seperate thread for xp/server wmp fix`s, ok that`s doable. I`ll change the title of the current one and you can make another for wmp server fix`s.
  2. Unfornunatly that`s a limitation of the indexing script i use.. it may be possible with a manual hack but i`m no php guru, will keep my eye out though.
  3. From now on if you`ve contributed to the share by either uploading or reporting fix`s you`ll get added to a special user group, this means you`ll get recognition for your contributions and a few forum privilages.
  4. Well it depends on your perception of the meaning of "Unofficial" doesn`t it. Seen as we don`t deal with none public KB`s i don`t see the need to clarify the differences, however, if enough people feel it would be good to change the wording i`m more than willing to do so. Maybe instead of Official/Unofficial - Publicly available/Request only would be better. I`m open to suggestions...
  5. So some of you may of noticed i`ve not posted any new fix`s recently, it seems MS have decided that i`ve had enough hotfix`s from them (over 100 by my count). My free support requests have been used up and generating new pids doesn`t work anymore either.. so it seems this is the end of this place unless you can help request fix`s. I had a thought that maybe if i can report my key as stolen and get a fresh one maybe i`d get my free support requests back.. worth a try i recon what do you thing? and if you know how to report a stolen key please let me know cuz i have no idea. Thanks.
  6. I see most of those on my local list but thx anyway. BTW codebox next time plz, i hate scrolling.
  7. Done. Topic Closed
  8. Here we have a list of official fix`s for dot net framework, you can report them here and they`ll be added to the list. = Validation Not Required = Validation Required
  9. Here we have a list of official fix`s for the windows xp media player, you can report them here and they`ll be added to the list. = Validation Not Required = Validation Required
  10. Here we have a list of official fix`s for xp, you can report them here and they`ll be added to the list. = Validation Not Required = Validation Required
  11. That`s pretty conclusive then.. i`ll get it sorted tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who voted.
  12. Hmm, i mean a section on the forum not the share.. pointless archiving public fix`s imo but helpfull to report them so were aware of them...
  13. Is it somthing you would like to see? You don`t have to say anything if you don`t want.. as long as you vote
  14. OK i`ve checked 893371 and it is indeed a SP2 fix, however, it is made obsolete by the current IE cumulative hotfix. So it won`t be going into the share unless somone can give a good reason why you wouldn`t install 916281. Petr, Don`t get us wrong, we appreciate your contribution and thank you for it.. this place can do with more contributers like yourself and the_guy.
  15. Added the 3 fix`s we need and 893371 is for SP1.
  16. xable


    Welcome pcservicetech, glad your getting use of it and yep i love autoindex, can`t beat it. Would like to be able to limit uploads to a single folder though or be able to include 2 installs on one page but nonetheless it`s an awsome script. Thanks to all for your appreciation and also thanks to the mods boooggy and the_guy who kindly help take some of the load off.
  17. Method 1 This is an online form which instantly sends you the hotfix, trouble is it`s not always available or doesn`t always list all possible hotfixes. Put the hotfix number on the end of this url and complete the details. If the hotfix isn`t listed try the other methods below. Method 2 Go to this page, fill in the KB number, product version and other details. Method 3 - Requires a legit retail product key! Go here, select your product and follow the options.Get your PID from display properties (WinKey+Pause) and paste it into the form.Enter your request along with the OS version,
  18. This is a list of Language Neutral .Net Framework 2.0 Hotfix`s that need requesting. If you need a hotfix that`s not already in the download centre reply to this thread with the KB number and architecture type. = Need`s Requesting = On Request = Requested
  19. This is the old request thread, the new one can be found here.
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