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  1. Microsoft and open source.. who would of thunk it! Links: https://opensource.microsoft.com/ https://github.com/Microsoft Feel free to highlight anything of interest in this thread.
  2. xable


    I will do, just don't know when.
  3. xable


    Haha. I have plans for the site but not time to implement them ATM.
  4. Indeed there are myriad of possible causes here. Because you say programs are also running slow I'd lean towards virus/malware or a failing hard drive. Also try checking your HDDs health and running a virus/malware scan.
  5. xable


    Hello JotaCapa, welcome. Maybe your router isn't managing DCHP correctly. Try assigning a static IP, in both windows and linux. Use the same IP for both.
  6. Considering office 2013 hasn't had any hotfixes I'm not sure it's worth the effort.
  7. eyespy, hi, if you want to reduce bloat have a look at nLite. What you propose is impossible because as cgthamm has already said the latest service pack needs to be installed for you to be able to install the latest security updates, note updates not hotfixes, there is a difference that you probably need to understand. Basicly hotfixes don't contain security fixes, they are bug fixes only. There are other differences but I won't go into it now, you can look it up for yourself aswell if you like. Even with the latest service pack and security updates offered by windows update installed XP is
  8. cgthamm, doesn't sound good. Maybe I should remove the category I'll probably stick with W7 untill support ends. Explorer was such a step back in that from XP usability and productivity wise I'm using a third party app to add back functionality. I dred to think what they have done with W8/10. Can't be bothered upgrading anymore, they seem to have lost the plot. parkd1, no no, Office 2016 will have to be pushed back to 2018
  9. haha, I wasn't going to add it yet but you lot keep hounding me 2016 is quite close now though, maybe for 2017
  10. Fill your boots http://thehotfixshare.net/board/index.php?...amp;showcat=149
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